Refund and Return Policy for Livecityin Marketplace

1. Responsibility:
   - Livecityin acts as a platform facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers. As such, Livecityin is not responsible for processing any refunds.
   - Refunds for purchased items will be handled solely by the respective merchant.

2. Refund Process:
   - Customers seeking a refund must contact the merchant directly.
   - The refund amount and method will be determined by the individual merchant's policies.
   - Livecityin will not interfere with or mediate in the refund process.

3. Merchant Responsibility:
   - Sellers on Livecityin are the primary entities responsible for initiating and processing refunds.
   - Merchants are expected to clearly communicate their refund policies to buyers.

1. Return Address:
   - Purchased items eligible for return must be sent directly to the merchant's provided return address.
   - Livecityin does not play a role in receiving or processing return items.

2. Return Process:
   - Customers wishing to return an item must follow the return instructions provided by the respective merchant.
   - Livecityin will not be involved in the return process and will not act as an intermediary for return shipments.

3. Merchant Sole Responsibility:
   - Livecityin emphasizes that sellers are solely responsible for managing returns and addressing customer concerns regarding returned items.
   - It is the merchant's responsibility to establish and communicate clear return policies.

Livecityin Platform:
1. Facilitation Role:
   - Livecityin operates as a platform connecting buyers and sellers.
   - The platform is not involved in the transactional aspects of refunds and returns.

2. Communication:
   - Any communication regarding refunds, returns, or product-related queries should be directed to the respective merchant.
   - Livecityin will not engage in communication or arbitration related to individual transactions.

3. Merchant-Buyer Interaction:
   - The relationship between the buyer and the merchant is fundamental to Livecityin's marketplace.
   - Livecityin does not assume responsibility for disputes arising from refund or return issues.

Livecityin reserves the right to modify or update this Refund and Return Policy at any time. It is recommended that users review this policy periodically for any changes.

This policy is effective as of 01-01-2024.

For further assistance or clarification, please contact our support team.

Thank you for choosing Livecityin Marketplace.